Six-Inch City Imagery Bundles

MapMart offers an archive of high resolution, ortho-mosaicked aerial photography for offline usage. Acquired with UltraCam high-resolution digital cameras, the archive includes over 260 cities of color airborne imagery collected at high overlap and 6” nominal resolution. Depending upon size of the file, data can be either posted to FTP or delivered via DVD or external hard drive.
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SelectCity NameArea(Sq.Mi)File Size (MB)Flight DateResolutionBandProjectionDatumFormatPrice ($US)
Birmingham 109.09 42377 20076 inches (0.15 meters)ColorUTMWGS 84TIFF $3273.00
Huntsville 102.7 40873 20076 inches (0.15 meters)ColorUTMWGS 84TIFF $3082.00
Mobile 92.18 34130 20076 Inches (0.15 meters)ColorUTMWGS 84TIFF $4609.00
Montgomery 94.78 35946 20076 Inches (0.15 meters)ColorUTMWGS 84TIFF $4740.00