Sanborn CitySets - Downtown Digital Data

The Sanborn CitySets® product line is a series of off-the-shelf digital data sets covering the core downtown areas of major cities across the United States. Layers can be purchased individually or in combination at a reduced rate. Depending upon size of the file data can be either posted on FTP or delivered via DVD. A customer service representative will contact you after your imagery has been processed and delivered to insure receipt and to see if you have any questions.
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SelectCity NameArea(Sq.Mi)File Size (MB)Flight DateResolutionBandProjectionDatumFormatPrice ($US)
Phoenix - 1 Foot Ortho 100 0 May 2004 meterColorUTMNAD 83Mr.SID $1500.00
Phoenix - 3D Models 4.2 0 May 2004 meter UTMNAD 83ESRI $4200.00
Phoenix - All Data 4.2 0 May 2004 meter UTMNAD 83ESRI $10500.00
Phoenix - Geographic Info 4.2 0 May 2004 meter UTMNAD 83ESRI $8400.00