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Comprising the 48 states of the United States continental mainland, Canada and Mexico, the Crude Oil Pipeline System Digital GIS Data is the most affordable GIS digital data in the market. And yet, the pricing does not compromise the quality of data. Rextag data is available by regions as indicated by the image below.

Depending upon size of the file data can be either posted on FTP or delivered via DVD. A customer service representative will contact you after your imagery has been processed and delivered to insure receipt and to see if you have any questions.

SelectProductProjectionDatumFormatPrice ($US)
Entire USA UTMNAD 83ESRI $2500.00
Zone 1 UTMNAD 83ESRI $1000.00
Zone 2 UTMNAD 83ESRI $1000.00
Zone 3 UTMNAD 83ESRI $1500.00