CityOrtho Aerial Imagery - City wide data

MapMart offers High-Resolution Color Ortho Imagery for select urban areas of the United States available for download shortly after purchase. Depending on the size of the requested site, the data is available for download within 1 hour to 1 business day. This imagery can be used for real estate planning, environmental studies, surveying, engineering, city planning and management and other purposes. Depending upon size of the file data can be either posted on FTP or delivered via DVD. A customer service representative will contact you after your imagery has been processed and delivered to insure receipt and to see if you have any questions.
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SelectCity NameArea(Sq.Mi)File Size (MB)Flight DateResolutionBandProjectionDatumFormatPrice ($US)
Birmingham 807.1 7100 Mar 20021 foot (0.3 m)ColorUTMNAD 83MrSID $100.00
Huntsville 620.8 5360 Mar 20021 foot (0.3 m)ColorUTMNAD 83MrSID $100.00
Huntsville 2483 7020 Jan 20042 foot (0.6 m)ColorUTMWGS 84MrSID $150.00
Mobile 3149 9000 Jan 200418 in (0.5 m)ColorUTMNAD 83MrSID $100.00
Mobile Pensacola 4309 719 Feb 200718 in (0.5 m)ColorUTMNAD 83MrSID $250.00
Montgomery 400.1 3410 Mar 20021 foot (0.3 m)ColorUTMNAD 83MrSID $50.00
Montgomery 654.5 2620 Jan 20042 foot (0.6 m)ColorUTMNAD 83MrSID $50.00